Oishii desu!

I miss doing personal illustrations. They are more spontaneous and speaks more of what I think. This drawing, for example, clearly shows that (1) I am hungry, (2) it is extremely hot in Manila, and (3) I still can’t get over my Japan trip!

Now off to work on another commission, really excited about this one. Hopefully, it will come into fruition.  *crosses fingers*

Japan Travel Diary – Tokyo

Konnichiwa Japan!

This is the first of my Japan travel diary series featuring my stay in Tokyo! Warning – post is super long and loaded with pictures! Continue reading


These past few days had been tiring but it was almost the most rewarding I felt for a long time. I got good news in the office and also for my illustration hobby. The drawing above was shared by Tricia Gosingtian in her instagram account and Facebook page. This led to a major flooding of notifications the entire day and also a couple of emails regarding commissions, which I sincerely hope will push through! Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

Next week I will be on vacation in Japan! Something that had been on my wish list for as long as I can remember. I never imagined that I could step foot in Japan, there were too many things to consider and having a career had been a priority in my early 20s. Now, I’ve saved enough to make one of my dreams come true. Yata! I’ll be sure to share photos and adventure stories with you, finally something exciting to read about, ne? :)

Invisible Pants

It’s been a hella of a week at work. I am so thankful that weekend has come. My mom had been stressing some problems with the house these days so I wish that we can spend time together to unwind.

I’ve been doing quick fashion illustrations like this one every night, when I get the chance to be home early. Early would be around 8:30 to 9:00 in the evening. I feel so worn out that it is so much easier to lie in bed and browse mangas. Sorry these drawings only the ones I can manage in my current state, not to mention the really lame blog title. I try to make more time for my art during weekends buttttt now we even have “homework” during the weekends, just thinking about it makes me sad. I want to spend my days painting why why whyyyyy.

This only thing that is keeping me from breaking down is the thought that come April my dream is finally coming true! Please wait for me cherry blossoms!!! YATA!!!