Used my Cotman watercolors set but this was on a 200gsm paper. I was really trying hard not to put too much water while finding the best shade for skin.Experimented with ink pens + watercolor. The bumps on the watercolor paper made it hard to write smoothly. I like how the hand turned out, because I usually find this the hardest to draw and paint. Yey!Languid. About 8-10 hours of not-so-continuously painting.

A big change is coming up and I couldn’t focus. I believe it’ll get better soon.


Cat Cafe Manila

Again I disappeared from the blog so I’m making it up by showing you photos from when my friends and I visited Cat Cafe Manila in Maginhawa Street. Ever since I found out that there is now a Cat Cafe in my country I really wanted to go and take a look at all the beautiful cats there, but travelling all waaaaaay over there made me just sigh and say, “Forget about it.” I had an angel by the name of Kathy who invited us to go to Cat Cafe Manila and an overnight at her place. YESSS!!!!

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Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours


Welcome my new toy! 😀

This baby is a Winsor and Newton half pan watercolour set and my uncle bought it for me when he went for a holiday in UK. I’ve been debating whether I really need one because I’m no professional artist and it cost a lot. As usual my practical logic lost and I begged my uncle to get me one. I still have leftover guilty feelings when I paint like “I’m using such a nice watercolour set but nobody’s buying my work anyway.” “I’ll just be keeping my painting in a folder why do I need this $$$ watercolour.” Maybe there is a bigger reason why I now have this. Or maybe there’s no reason at all and I just want one and sometimes I should just stop thinking. I used it on the above painting and the colors are bloody brilliant! The multitude of color choices makes me have an anxiety attack. I love it.



Doodle 05.26.2015

I’ve been busy. I have decided to study for a CAPM certificate and, like anything I do, there is fear that I won’t pass. I’m quietly studying and making preparations, that’s why I haven’t been able to update my blog. The pictures above are snippets from my random works for the past two weeks. You can catch more on my IG (@carlacochua), where I update more often and where you might see some video progress. Even though studying is my #1 priority, art is part of what I have formed as a habit and there are days I can’t concentrate on Project Integration Management because I see visions of color and flowers. I’m about to hit a milestone on my self-imposed study schedule so I’m biting my nails in anticipation of what’s to come.

Hope you have a stress-free (or at least an entertaining) week!