Doodle 04.25.2015

2015/04/img_6579.jpgA very early morning doodle. I’ve learned that when you are in your element you don’t stop for anything – even putting on eyeglasses. :) After taking this picture, I colored the hair a bit darker. I love the feel of sketching in the morning! Who’s with me? :)2015/04/img_6583.pngTried out these awesome blazers in Stradivarious and I ended up getting the flesh colored ones. It’s so chic looking and I love that the shoulder pads don’t make me look like I have a hanger on.

Basic Skin Care

2015/04/img_6480.jpg Yes me writing about skin care, who would have thought I have the guts to tell the world about taking care of your skin. Hahaha! I grew up with really sensitive and acne prone skin (paired with hormonal imbalance – what fun!). In my teen years, I discovered that there are a lot more aspects of skin care than what was taught to me. I invested in trying out different toners, moisturizers and facial soaps, and finally I could say that my face is looking “normal” now that I am in my late 20s. Could have been sooner, but I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve documented the products that works for me and maybe someone who’ll read this post can benefit from trying these products.

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