Doodle 04.25.2015

2015/04/img_6579.jpgA very early morning doodle. I’ve learned that when you are in your element you don’t stop for anything – even putting on eyeglasses. 🙂 After taking this picture, I colored the hair a bit darker. I love the feel of sketching in the morning! Who’s with me? 🙂2015/04/img_6583.pngTried out these awesome blazers in Stradivarious and I ended up getting the flesh colored ones. It’s so chic looking and I love that the shoulder pads don’t make me look like I have a hanger on.


Niu by Vikings

2015/05/img_6658.jpg2015/05/img_6660.jpgTo celebrate a double birthday celebration, my family opted out of the traditional chinese restaurant and instead, tried NIU.

NIU is an upscale buffet by Vikings and is located on the 6th floor of SM Aura in Taguig. Continue reading

Basic Skin Care

2015/04/img_6480.jpg Yes me writing about skin care, who would have thought I have the guts to tell the world about taking care of your skin. Hahaha! I grew up with really sensitive and acne prone skin (paired with hormonal imbalance – what fun!). In my teen years, I discovered that there are a lot more aspects of skin care than what was taught to me. I invested in trying out different toners, moisturizers and facial soaps, and finally I could say that my face is looking “normal” now that I am in my late 20s. Could have been sooner, but I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve documented the products that works for me and maybe someone who’ll read this post can benefit from trying these products.

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Travel Diary – Seoul Part 2

Welcome to the part 2 of my travel diary in Seoul! (catching your attention with Lee Min Ho picture!)We visited Lotte World on our 3rd day. I haven’t been to an amusement park for a long time and I’m not into death-defying rides (yes I like safe and boring activities). Still they said Lotte world is a good place to spot cherry blossoms and they’re right! Lotte world has shops, indoor and outdoor rides. When you get the all-rides ticket, all outdoor rides are free but you still need to pay for some of the indoor rides/attraction. I suggest you head to the outdoor part because… Hello sakuras!!! We saw this cherryblossom heaven on the walkway going to the park outside. Though we didn’t get to descend to look at the trees up close, I was content with marveling at the beautiful rows of pink blossoms. My second time to see cherryblossoms – God is good!The thrill of seeing cherryblossoms must have gotten to my head as I lined up to ride this spinning wheel / anchor’s away BY MYSELF.  Before the ride started I was thinking, “Shit this is a bad idea.” I think my expression says it all. Lol. (I’m the girl on the left of the vacant seat)Visited the Lotte young plaza again and saw Line friend shop! I regret not buying anything – oh Connie and Brown!!SM town! Hello GG!3 Concept Eyes is a famous Korean cosmetic brand. I’ve been lusting over their products online and finally got myself eyeshadow (in tintin) and tinted lip balm! Myeongdong is a shopping paradise. Check out these dainty dresses. It’s not my style but they do look lovely.

Below are some recommended places to eat.A hello kitty cafe can be found tucked on the 2nd floor of a building on the streets of Myeongdong. My mom is such an avid fan ever since she was a child. There’s a Hello Kitty museum in Jeju Island but since we are not going there we settle with a nice breakfast in this cute cafe.

Noo Na Hol Dak (beside ibis hotel in Myeongdong) for roasted chicken wrapped in vegetables and the chicken and cheese quesadillas. It’s a nice place for young office workers to relax and unwind after a long day. We still talk about this food until now.

There’s a cafe found on Hangan park (where cherryblossom trees bloom near the river), beside the place they rent bicycles. Love their peach iced tea and fried chicken! And they serve korean halo halo too.Find the guy that sells honeycomb vanilla ice cream waffle! I still dream of that ice cream even now. And the strawberries sold on the streets are super delicious!! We bought strawberries every night, except when it rained and the street was devoid of vendors. I couldn’t eat this kind of good strawberries in Manila.

And that concludes my Seoul travel diary! I wonder where will I go next? 🙂