Cat Cafe Manila

Again I disappeared from the blog so I’m making it up by showing you photos from when my friends and I visited Cat Cafe Manila in Maginhawa Street. Ever since I found out that there is now a Cat Cafe in my country I really wanted to go and take a look at all the beautiful cats there, but travelling all waaaaaay over there made me just sigh and say, “Forget about it.” I had an angel by the name of Kathy who invited us to go to Cat Cafe Manila and an overnight at her place. YESSS!!!!

Waze helped a lot in getting there and my friend had the place reserved for all of us (we were 12 people). There’s only a limit of people that can enter and stay in cafe so if you go there without a reservation then you need to wait for others to leave. The fee is 200pesos, with 100pesos for the admission and the 100pesos can be used for food/drinks. Oh, and you can only stay for 1 hour. The cats in the Cat Cafe are actually rescued cats from CARA, the Compassion and Responsibilities for Animals. They are being taken cared of by the good people in CARA and are up for adoption. Once a cat is adopted then they bring another cat to be a “host” in the cafe.  Please please open one in BF so I can volunteer and play with cats all day!
Guess who was obsessed by the merchandise? Nope not me – my mom! She wasn’t there but I was vibering all the pictures to her!!!She ended up telling me to buy one of those huge cat power bank!I regret not buying this cutie mug with the matching cat teaspoon. 😦The place is small but cats love cozing in enclosed spaces so I know they are happy with it. Look at those sleeping places up on the wall, my cat would definitely want those!!!Sosyal cat furniture. If I have my own house I would definitely install something like for my cats. Those holes at the bottom is where the cats’ toilets are.Hello Bicco, you remind me of my first cat!!!This cat got some serious issues. He was just staring at a wall the entire time. Wouldn’t even budge when we touched him.Peggy, who is a 3-legged cat! She looks like my cat Kiza.You can pet, touch and even give a belly rub to the cats. They are super friendly, just let them come to you (not like me who chased them around the cafe). It is against the rules, though, to pick them up. There are also toys for them to play with!How ironic that when it was picture taking time, all the cats disappeared from our sight. So we had no choice but to pose with Oreo who is innocently sleeping (look at those cutie paws!). I hope that there are more cat cafes in Manila (put up one in the south please!).


2 thoughts on “Cat Cafe Manila

    1. Hi Roxanne, yes it’s a really cool hangout place! The cats are friendly and adorable. Perhaps having an afternoon with live cats will make you change your mind. 🙂

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