Niu by Vikings

2015/05/img_6658.jpg2015/05/img_6660.jpgTo celebrate a double birthday celebration, my family opted out of the traditional chinese restaurant and instead, tried NIU.

NIU is an upscale buffet by Vikings and is located on the 6th floor of SM Aura in Taguig. 2015/05/img_6647.jpg2015/05/img_6648.jpg2015/05/img_6662.jpg2015/05/img_6649.jpgI love the strawberry lemonade!2015/05/img_6650.jpgSashimi! Too bad they don’t have the saba one (which Sambokujin has).2015/05/img_6651.jpg2015/05/img_6659.jpg2015/05/img_6661.jpg2015/05/img_6664.jpgHello meat!!!! I think this is my favorite station. 🙂2015/05/img_6665.jpg2015/05/img_6666.jpg2015/05/img_6668.jpg 2015/05/img_6652.jpg2015/05/img_6653.jpg2015/05/img_6654.jpg2015/05/img_6655.jpg2015/05/img_6656.jpg2015/05/img_6683.jpgYou can see my brother and I taking pictures on the mirror. Hahaha! A picture with this family is very rare so cheers to this memorable buffet celebration! 🙂



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