Basic Skin Care

2015/04/img_6480.jpg Yes me writing about skin care, who would have thought I have the guts to tell the world about taking care of your skin. Hahaha! I grew up with really sensitive and acne prone skin (paired with hormonal imbalance – what fun!). In my teen years, I discovered that there are a lot more aspects of skin care than what was taught to me. I invested in trying out different toners, moisturizers and facial soaps, and finally I could say that my face is looking “normal” now that I am in my late 20s. Could have been sooner, but I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve documented the products that works for me and maybe someone who’ll read this post can benefit from trying these products.

Toner: Human Nature Balancing Face Toner (99.75php) – This is for oily and combination skin type and removes all impurities from my face before I put on moisturizer.

Moisturizer: Celeteque Facial Moisturizer – (210.00php) – Since I have super oily skin I use a gel type of moisturizer which I apply on my face and neck. This serves as my makeup base too.

Eye cream: Benefit It’s Potent eye cream (around 1500.00php) – This product reduces dark circles but does not help with keeping the under eyes firm – I’m still looking out for a nice all in one eye product, but for now this works just fine. Also acts as a base when I put concealer under my eyes. It’s quite pricey though.

Sunblock: L’Oreal UV Perfect with SPF50 – (around 600.00php) – I confess that it was only recently that I became obsessed with putting on sunblock. Putting on 2-3 products on my face is already an immense effort on my part (toner + moisturizer usually) but then I am already at the age when my skin is going to show signs of aging. Sunblock helps reduce the eventual wrinkles and dark spots I will have to contend to in the future (prevention = less problems hopefully!). Unfortunately, sunblock makes my face more oily (eeew!) but I can just pat tissue on my face to absorb the oil.

2015/04/img_6481.jpgAcne medicine: Duac (around 900.00php) – Mighty expensive and kinda feels like half of the tube is filled with air but this product dries my pimples and acne so fast that I believe it is God-sent. My derma prescribed this product to me in my teen years and it is the only one I religiously used after I ditched her and went about self treating my skin hahaha! The price started out at 600 now it’s 800 (bigger tube is 1500++) so I’ll be setting aside a savings account to treat acne for my future children. Oh, this product works better when cold. 🙂2015/04/img_6482.jpg

Body lotion: Vaseline healthy white SPF 24, Jergens skin lightening lotion – I’m still making it a habit to put on lotion, normally because it’s too hot I would not bother. I like that these two lotions are not very sticky and Vaseline even has SPF! I’ve finished one bottle and bought the Vaseline serum SPF 30++ now, and even got a tiny one for the office! 🙂

2015/04/img_6484.jpg2015/04/img_6485.jpgYou think it’s that simple? Noooo, there’s more products to help keep your skin young and clean!!! 😛 Thank you Koreans for making me paranoid vigilant about my skin.

Nose Pack: Innisfree Jeju volcanic liquid nose pack (315.00php) – Gets rid of blackheads and does not clog my pores. I just apply the black goo on parts of my face where blackheads are prominent then after 10 minutes the goo dries up and I peel it off! I only use this once a week if I feel like it.


Face Masks: The Face Shop face masks and (a brand I forgot) Skin Repairing Snail  mask  – To pamper my face even more, I apply face masks when I got a lot of time to kill, usually during Sunday. I choose masks that contain ingredient to help skin rejuvenation and firming.

Well, that’s it for my first beauty post! Quite a number of stuff just to maintain your skin but you gotta work with what you have. I wasn’t blessed with healthy skin so these are just ways to boost what I lack.

If you have recommended products/skin care regimen, let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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