Travel Diary – Seoul Part 1

Anyoung haseyo! 🙂Street vendor outside our hotel sells fan merchandise. Spot all kpop and kdrama stars! We stayed in Myeongdong which is pretty much accessible to anything and everything!Korean couple style “spot” on! Since it was our first time in Korea we employed the help of a private tour guide to show us some sights in Seoul. Our first stop is the blue house where the current Korean president live. We can’t go near the blue house but instead explored the huge garden around its perimeter and of course, took loads of pictures.


Next we went to the Gyeongbok palace. The garden is already super big and I felt like I was in a koreanovela with a historical setting. The cherryblossoms here haven’t bloomed yet here. We were a week too early. 😦Yellow in the midst of the gloomy weather.

With my chinese zodiac.At the national folklore museum. A Korean celebration of a child’s 100 day.Did you know that long ago it was very rare for Koreans to reach the age of 60? So if they do, they celebrate by piling loads of food on a table to celebrate the abundant blessing.Korean traditional wedding. All women on the west, all men on the east. Men bow once, women bow twice not because men are superior but because men symbolizes the ying and the women is the yang. It’s all about balance and harmony. After the wedding, the groom spends 3 days in the bride’s house then afterwards takes the bride home. The bride is then said not to be part of that household anymore.The king’s chair. See the wheel below? It’s to prevent the King from getting motion sickness.The palace where the king and queen resided. Our tour guide Lin said that the king’s concubines were given houses farther away from the king’s bedchambers so the king would have to walk a distance to be with his concubine. If they wish to spend the night together the concubine has to sleep in the king’s chambers. Must be awkward because the queen has a house across the king. Oh and there are special dates when the king and queen can sleep together!

When the crowned prince is born he has sleeping quarters on the east of the house, when he becomes king, his sleeping quarter is transferred to the west. Because they believe that east means rising sun (or a new emergence) while a king is like a setting sun.Wonder why the stone pavements ate uneven? They were made so that slaves will always look down on their feet so as not to trip. Quite possibly the only Korean stars I know (aside from Girl’s Generation and Lee Min Ho). And my gosh, their faces are plastered everywhere! According to Lin the biggest star now is…….Lee Min Ho. No surprises there. ❤Then we studied kimchi making at the kimchi academy! I don’t really dig kimchi but it was a good bonding activity for the entire family. Kimchi is considered to be #5 in the healthiest food. We wore hanbok and took pictures. I have a video in Youtube of myself twirling in the hambok hahaha! In slow-mo. 😀

Next up climbing to seoul tower. Nah, we’d rather take the cable car.Twister potatoes!Lin was very attentive and funny – she has so many trivia for us during the tour! Plus points for helping my grandmother on the stairs!

The tour was super tiring so for dinner we had traditional korean bbq. Then off again for shopping…

….but then the stores were starting to close. I’ll have to come back another day. Good thing our hotel is super near the shopping places! And that means a part 2 of my Seoul travel diary!




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