The Attic Exhibit February-March 2015


I was invited to another exhibit by The Attic last February. The exhibit is still on going until March 10. Do drop by if you are in the area!

2015/03/img_5883.jpgCheck out the work progress of this painting.2015/03/img_5882.jpg


Check out the work progress of this painting.2015/03/img_5884.jpg

2015/03/img_5886.jpgThis series of Pope Francies paintings were very beautifully done! I heard one of them was blessed by the Pope during his visit in Janaury!2015/03/img_5887.jpg


Looking at these paintings made me miss my oil paints. Oil painting was the first medium I ever seriously tried to learn and many of my paintings still hung in our house until today. It may be a messier and smellier medium than watercolor but it’s appeal is definitely very timeless.

Now I am thinking about changing up the way I do my paintings and drawings. I am very fond of my paintings before but the way I see things now have changed and it would reflect on my creative outputs. Dear readers, I hope that you continue to support my artistic journey!

I love to hear your thoughts

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