Painting with Kids


Last Saturday, I was invited to teach kids painting (actually it was color theory) at Verdana Homes. I was very apprehensive at first because I have zero experience with kids and teaching. The kids might sense my fear (they do notice the oddest things and are honest to a fault) and eat me alive. The horrors!!!


Sadly, my memories for names and faces is so poor that I cannot match the kids’ face with their names. I made an attempt to list the names down according to where each girl is seated but as soon as the class started the girls got up and transferred seats. I don’t know who each girl is anymore. Next time, I’m sticking a large name tag on each of them (or I’m tying them to their seats!).

The wind was not in our favor. I like painting outdoors because the natural light is the best for painting but with strong winds I felt like a dog running after paper after paper. Their wet papers would fly off and stick to another girl’s elbow, hands, arms. One of the kid even shouted, “AAAAH THERE’S PAINT ON MY ARMPIT!!! MY ARMPIT!” Good thing these are watercolors.


My poor Prang was murdered. I was very happy it lasted for 2 years with me and took the kids 2 hours to wipe out most of the colors. And some colors I don’t know what they originally were anymore. Hahaha! I am due to buy a new set watercolor.

As for what I taught, I just want the kids to feel free to do whatever they want. There is no right or wrong in coloring and I don’t want to be the one to crush the girl’s creative spirit by telling them what is the “right” color for a flower. These kids just want to paint, no color theories or techniques in their thought. I remember my childhood experience in coloring and I know I was hurt by people telling me that my drawings were too anime-ish or cartoon-ish or not like a real person. If we would stick to what we know, then we wouldn’t have all the great artworks like Mona Lisa or Sunflower series. 2015/02/img_5870.jpg



I also learned that girls nowadays like Taylor Swift. One girl brought out her iPhone 3Gs (Say mo!) and started playing Shake it off. One girl got up to dance and we started singing along. Of course we also sang Let it go let it go…

Teaching kids is also like some sort of exercise. I was running around refilling palettes with colors, checking how they hold their brushes, removing paints from faces, etc… I didn’t get to sit down for more than 5 minutes!



Check out their finished works. 🙂2015/02/img_5878.jpg

Here we are looking happy and bothered by the noon time sun. I hope that the 2-3 hours I spent with these kids will make a lasting impression. This experience will certainly remain a wonderful memory on my part. Dare I say it – I hope to teach again! 🙂

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