Chinese New Year 2015 at Crystal Dragon


It’s funny when non-chinese people know more about chinese traditions than the chinese. I remember my officemate asking if I will stay up to wait for the new year and I said no I will be sound asleep. We don’t toss coins or eat tikoy (though my mom likes to cook them). We don’t do feng shui or rearrange furniture for the new year. We don’t wear new clothes during new year eve. My family celebrate any occasion in our usual way – stuffing out faces with good food.

For the chinese new year, we were introduced us to Yusheng, or more commonly known as the Prosperity Toss. It’s a dish that combines different ingredients that have meanings such as sesame seeds for business, raw salmon for abundance, pepper to attract wealth and carrots for good luck. You are supposed to toss the ingredients as high as possible for more good luck. I tossed half the veggies off the plate, so does that mean I threw my luck out for this year? (I really can’t take these superstitions seriously, but the prosperity toss, as a dish, was superb. Even though it looked like a mess after all the tossing.)


We decided to dine at Crystal Dragon in City of Dreams Manila, which was newly opened. I don’t like chinese food so I had very low expectations. 2015/02/img_5847.jpg


Before the toss, here’s the dish looking very nice and proper.


This codfish with pechay and mushroom is a winner!2015/02/img_5850.jpgChicken with candied walnuts. 2015/02/img_5849.jpg

I love shrimp. I love mushrooms. I love asparagus. Then this dish combined all three. Yumm…2015/02/img_5848.jpg

The usual peking duck.


I was the only one who ate dessert (bwahahahaha!) and this mango pudding didn’t disappoint. :

Verdict: Highly recommended! Note that servings are quite small and one dish serves about 3-4 people only. The prices will make your eyes pop.

Happy chinese new year everyone! 🙂

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