Sushi Ninja


I don’t know how long this Sushi Ninja been around in Alabang West Gate but I only knew about it when my uncle decided to treat everyone to sushi for Valentines. When I discovered that they serve my favorite saba (mackerel) sushi, I already liked the place.


Spicy tuna salad. Yum yum.2015/02/img_5779.jpg



Looks undercooked but the yakitori is actually delicious.




The best seller – fried sushi balls! We got two kinds – eel and wagyu beef.2015/02/img_5789.jpg

Honestly wasn’t too fond of fried sushi balls because the point of eating sushi is that I want to eat something fresh. And I was already feeling guilty in consuming a lot of sushi (and tempura) that eating something FRIED with RICE….icanteven… but my family said it was very good. I was already in a food coma.2015/02/img_5790.jpgVerdict – highly recommended. 🙂

And since my family and I are bottomless pits, we went to Cafe Breton for crepe and coffee. I have pics somewhere but we got the Crepe Butter and Lemon, Crepe Nutella and Banana split. I always make room for desserts! 🙂




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