Commission: Wedding Poster


How could I say no to this last minute request? Weddings are still an impossible fairy tale for me (what with an elusive groom and all) but still I dream of one day also planning my own wedding. I got so excited when my friend’s sister is getting married (more excited probably than the people getting married lol). Not to mention the bride is also a creative soul who is so nice to give me her art materials (haven’t used them all yet, in time I will) since she’ll be leaving for Singapore to live with her husband. I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it because of work/traffic/lack of skill etc. Lo behold, God was surely their wedding planner. What with last minute cancellation of meetings, no traffic (i declare this a miracle!) and no obstacles that hindered me from completing this poster!! It’s incredible, especially the no traffic part. Yes I cannot get over it!

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