Review: Potentate Hot-pressed Watercolor Pad


Bought this mini hot pressed watercolor paper in a bazaar back in December, but only got to use it now. Hot pressed paper is a bit harder to use than cold pressed so I didn’t really think much of achieving anything in using this. However, after a few tries I found that I like it because the paper, being quicker to dry, makes my drawing more loose and I can paint with abandon. And quicker too!


Rough grooves of the Potentate watercolor pad, from Craft Carrot. Paper is acid-free.



At first I was surprised that the water dries so fast and I wasn’t quick enough to blend the red on the girl’s beanie (first pic). As you can see the color comes out very well and the texture adds a “rough sketch” kind of feel. I’m glad that the pad is small so I can use this for quick practices and to experiment on color washes. 🙂

Check out Craft Carrot for really neat art and craft materials. They sell India ink, liquid acrylics, stamps, calligraphy tools and ink pens! Browsing their site makes my wallet cry.

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