New Year 2015 at Boracay

Never thought I’d miss the beach so much. I’m no beach person, in fact, I hate submerging my head in massive bodies of water and burning my sensitive skin under the sun. God must have heard my silent prayer because he didn’t give us harsh sun during my family vacation in Boracay. Instead, we were met by a storm.

We stayed at The District hotel in station 2. Since it was already stormy when we arrived, we had to wait for about 30-40 minutes for the boat to arrive and bring us to the island. And my goodness, the waves were just about to sweep us all off! We were particularly worried for my grandmother who is 77 years old and had to ask our guide to carry her (bridal style) to the boat.

The swimming pool inside the hotel…which nobody ever uses because the beach is right outside.

My brother and I stayed on these sofa beds. Really comfy!

Look at the weather on our first day! So grey and cloudy! Water looks cold too!

We were already starving when we got to the island. We ate lunch at Pamana which is just next to the hotel.

The next day was a lot better. It was still cloudy but the water is warm enough for a swim, without getting pneumonia.

Aside from swimming (or chasing the waves, as that would be more appropriate), we also went around D’Mall, which is where restaurants and souvenir shops are located.  Didn’t take a lot of pictures there because it was crowded. As for food…

This awesome pizza is from Aria. It’s Hawaiian, achovies and meat-something flavors in one giant pizza. Good deal for a very hungry family.

I like the restaurant called Lemon i Cafe at D’Mall. I got this Tiger prawn risotto in coconut sauce. It was super filling despite the prawns being so small (probably because of the sauce).

And I should also mention the food at Epic grill, really good. We like the beer battered chicken and pork chops. 😀

Once again, happy new year from my family to yours! Let’s make this year a memorable one! 😀


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