2014 Year End Review

I am currently lounging in Boracay where I celebrated the new year with my family. The fireworks last night were amazing. Today is day one of 2015 so I thought to give a short review of how my 2014 went.

2014 was filled with opportunities. I am blessed to have travelled to Japan, Denmark (for business) and Boracay. At work I took on another different role which was exciting and a bit daunting. There are situations that I feel alone with my problems and my mistakes become more apparent to my DK counterparts because I have no supervisor to check my work. Sometimes I feel like giving up (e.g. Look for new work) but after a good sleep and a short prayer, I start to feel strong enough to tackle my never ending problems.

Despite losing an uncle, I feel lucky that my family is safe and any health related issues we may had/have are not life threatening. For that alone, I am content. I still miss him though, whenever I think about all the help he provided my mom when she was widowed. I know he’s in a better place now.

Art-wise, I launched my art blog, had my first exhibit and accepted commissions. There are times when I get frustrated, depressed and disappointed with myself, but in each time, my faith in God helps me get through the negativities. I have always longed for an activity that fills this hole in me and I believe, at least some part of it, is fulfilled in drawing. I hope that each year brings me more joy in my chosen craft.

Happy new year and may everyone have a wonderful 2015!!!

I love to hear your thoughts

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