Yakumi at Solaire


My family usually have a special lunch or dinner on Christmas day. This year, we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant at Solaire, Yakumi. We like it because the food is really fresh and perfectly made. This time we also decided to try their ramen!


Some food is prepared in this middle open kitchen.



Tonkotsu Ramen. We love their ramen broth compared to other Japanese restaurant.


Golden Dragon Sushi (prawn tempura, cucumber, grilled eel, avocado and red tobiko). This one is so good that we ordered two of them!


Veggie Maki. We like to think we are healthy eaters. 🙂


Classic Ebi Tempura


Chasu ramen, which is not oily at all. Recommended! (The serving is big, but this one was split into two bowls for sharing)


Crispy Fried Chicken


Tori Teriyaki (grilled chicken). We can’t get enough of chicken hahaha!


Hamachi (yellow tail) Sashimi


My request – salmon sashimi!


Remember to leave room for dessert! This is the Mango and Guyabano ice cream which is super delicious!


My request – Mikan Creme Brulee and Meringue! It was divine!


Yours truly, looking sleepy after eating all those delicious food. Japanese food (anything Japanese really) is my all-time favorite. If you want to check out other Japanese restaurant, please see my other food posts. 🙂


If you are still looking for a place to treat your love ones for the New Year, perhaps you can try Yakumi. Here’s my family, discussing our next adventures after Christmas and then the New Year! 🙂

Yakumi is located in Solaire Resort and Casino. Contact Yakumi at +63.2.888.8888.

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