My Saturdate with Family



Life had been at a standstill these past months, with the death of an uncle and sad news about my grandfather’s health. I promised myself to spend more time with family, however a couple of weekends had come and gone and I find myself staying within my routine of bumming around the house, occasionally dabbling in art. When my grandmother calls to ask if I will visit, I feel so guilty to decline because I wanted to sleep a few more hours (they live in Manila which means we need to live around 6:30 in the morning to avoid traffic). I haven’t been a dutiful granddaughter, and it eats me up. So when my mom abruptly woke me this morning and insisted that I go with them to visit – I secretly said a prayer of thanks. I enjoyed the short visit and breakfast at President’s! The dimsums are delicious plus the smiles on the faces of my grandparents are priceless. Here’s to hoping for more breakfast with the grandparents (Mom wake me up!)!

Afterwards it’s the usual Saturday gig, hanging out in Alabang Town Center with Mom and running errands. We were in a good mood (which led to all diet plans thrown out the window) and when Mom invited me for cupcakes I immediately said “SURE my treat”! I guess there’s another time for my diet, as Mom’s happiness comes first. I have to get back to my habit of reading, so I bought a YA book to add to my collection (when will I transition to adult books?). And still waiting for the paperback version of Skin Games… any recommendations of mystery and magic books like Dresden Files?

I am getting my groove back in blogging, instead of lazily posting artworks from Instagram. There will also be some modifications on how I post so expect more design and typography in my future posts! I’m starting to set up a hosted website and so I want to know – Tumblr or WordPress? Or both?

Have a great Saturday readers! 🙂



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