Orange Makeup Tutorial

The photo above is viewed from left to right, top to bottom. The instructions are written below my not-so-short intro as to why this makeup tutorial came about…you can skip it but I hope you read it. 🙂

It’s weekend again and it means one blog post for the week – yey! I made a brown eye makeup tutorial last year and I’ve been wanting to make a new one. But I am no make-up guru and my face cannot take a lot of makeup (huhuhu) so I had to scour the Internet for fun and interesting makeup tutorials. That is why you won’t find me posting makeup tutorials using my own face because it will scare all my readers away nyahahaha! Since pretty much my entire face it sensitive, I want to play with eye and lip makeup. It is the safe zone for me.

Since it was summer not too long ago for many of you and my country is perpetually summer, this makeup tutorial from Emoda caught my eye. And Ena Matsumoto is just so pretty so if you like Japanese stuff like Emoda go and follow her! I am usually adverse to something as flashy as orange but I tried orange lipstick once at the mall (when no one was looking) and I must say – it brightened up my face! So yeah I have one orange lippy that I plan to incorporate together with this eye makeup tutorial.

The original tutorial is in Japanese but I tried to list down the instructions based on the drawing and also tell you which product Ena used to achieve her perfect summer orange look.

1. On your eyebrows, apply brown eyebrow power.

2. Then using a brown eyebrow pencil, fill out your eyebrows using light strokes.

3. Using a brush, apply a little bit of orange eyebrow base on your brows. Remember just a bit as we don’t want to look like you have orange brows. If you are unsure about this, just skip it.

4. Apply eye color base on your eyelids.

5. Apply eye shadow on your eyelids – the tutorial used Emoda’s Dolce eyeshadow color.

6. Using an eyeliner pencil, draw a thin line on the upper lash of your eye.\

7. Then using a liquid eyeliner, make the line even thicker and winging it at the end.

8. Curl your lashes and put your eyelash curler base first. Emoda’s Lash Curl Up base looks super nice to try!

9. Now load up your mascara like the one Ena used. Put mascara on both top and bottom lashes.

10. Add a bit of eyeshadow in Salmon color below your eyes. Again, not too much!

11. Put your gorgeous orange lipstick such as the Emoda Ripe Lips Rouge in Urban. I so want one!

12. For the final touch, swipe your lipgloss. Ena used lipgloss in Canaria.

Now you are done! I hope you find my instructions useful, but if not then I hope you got everything from the drawing. 🙂

Here’s some of the products used in this tutorial:

Remember that you can shop for these at the Emoda global store, they also have a great clothing selection. Ah, one of my wish is to own Emoda clothes and cosmetics…perhaps one day…



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