Spring Cleaning

Cleaning is something I am quite averse to. I hate getting dirty, but not for reasons people usually think. I have very sensitive skin, especially my face, which has caused me so much woe (I have posted depressing stories about my quest for an acne-free face on another blog), even until now. It will never be as porcelain as Kpop stars’ face and will perpetually be reddish even when I am not under the sun. It’s just the way it is, and I have learned to accept and work around it.

So when my mom threatened to throw all my “trash”, I had to sigh and grumble because come on! It’s a weekend! I have so many things I want to complete (like my drawing above) and I only have two days!!! Cleaning is definitely not my priority. Still, after looking through my stuff (mom’s “trash” were actually my sketchpads/paper/artworks/art materials/books/school stuff accumulated through the years), I had to admit that I have to start organizing my things if I would like to keep them.


I even unearthed my old notebooks with my old handwriting. *sigh* How I miss my handwriting, not my note taking puts more emphasis on speed rather than the making your notes visually appealing. Ugh. Is this how we “grow up’?

Anyways I managed to dump –errr transfer my things from my study desk to a huge plastic storage container. I got the container from Metro Department store and it was thankfully, on sale (Mango is on sale too and I saw a pretty white sandals but then *cleaning* happened). My mom insisted that I get the biggest size, and yes once again she was right. I still have loads of books to store away but they wouldn’t fit the container anymore.

After cleaning, I feel quite energize – even getting myself to blog about it! Wow! Cleaning must be like exercising (I did sweat a lot while cleaning!)! It wasn’t in the plan but after doing it, I feel so much better! Thanks Mom! 🙂

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