I haven’t been constant in blogging because there isn’t much to blog. I read other people’s blogs and there seems to be a lot going on in their lives. As for me, well, unless people are interested in my daily office routine and during weekends, manning our family shop, then there isn’t much to write about. I still draw though and those definitely goes into this blog. I’ll try to accompany my art post with interesting or reflective words in the future. Don’t want to bore my readers! 🙂

This week the canvas prints that I ordered finally arrived! This is the first time I see my works on how it should be – propped up in a frame. Illumina digital printing did an awesome job! The canvas is stapled on a wooden backboard so you just have to put on screws or hanging stuff at the back and it’s good to go! I have not tried having my original watercolor works framed (with glass and all) but that is another ‘try’ for the future. Seeing the backboard makes me miss oil painting – would I try it again?

Weekend has come and there are so many things I want to do – malling, sleeping, eating, playing my DS, baking, blogging, drawing, painting, lettering, shopping, organizing my Japan photobook, etc… Let’s all try our best to make the most of our weekend! Until next time!

I had first entitled this post as Predictable as my life now feels to be on repeat, but perhaps a more optimistic outlook would do me good, yes? 

I love to hear your thoughts

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