A Day in Malmo Sweden

I haven’t been able to post artworks because I’ve been travelling for pleasure and work since last month. Please do let me indulge in posting photos and telling short snippets of where I have been. It has been a dream of mine to explore new places, and little by little, by the hand of God, I am getting there. 🙂

My companion and I planned for a day in Sweden, after realizing that it will only take a 40 minute train ride to get to Malmo. We were also highly encouraged by the presence of two of our most hospitable colleagues. I was very excited to be in another country, quite like Denmark but also different in it’s own unique way.

Here’s me with Uzma and Casper, both super adorable! 🙂

Outside of Malmo central station.

There were a lot of sculptures in the area.

My favorite among them all. Hello kitty kitty! 🙂

There are plenty of places to go shopping around the area of Malmo station.

Sweets are a little cheaper in Sweden. Denmark places a higher tax on sweets or anything not healthy like salty food and cigarettes. A good idea to promote healthy eating!

Should have gotten this one. It’s a mini cupcake/muffin maker! How convenient!

Uzma and I were all about cooking, so we mostly headed to shops that sells kitchen wares and baking stuff. Yay!

And of course we did a lot of eating. 🙂 Here’s our first stop – Ambrosia!

We tasted these giant meringue in two flavors – chocolate and peppermint! Yum!

Second stop – Hollandia!

It was getting chilly outside and the shops close early because it was Saturday. So it was a good idea to just drink tea and eat sugar indoors. It also gave us a chance to bond with Uzma and Casper – they are both super funny and entertaining! Wish we could hang out more often!

My favorite cake is the strawberry one (the top most) and next is the mixed nuts with melted caramel and chocolate (top left). The tea helped us digest everything we’ve eaten so far. We managed to eat everything before the cafe closed! 🙂

I feel very fulfilled in my stay at Copenhagen. Here’s to hoping I get to travel again to Denmark next year! 🙂


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