Copenhagen 2014 Travel

Still here at Copenhagen. I’m staying at STAY (just had to say that) located at Islands Brygge.  I am now adjusted to walking 20 minutes to the train station and cooking for myself. Of course it helps that the apartment is super gorgeous and the kitchen has all the necessary tools for me to feel independent. 🙂

Someone is excited to hang her clothes. Wish I have something like this back in the Philippines. Definitely easier to pick clothes in the morning! 🙂

Locks on the bridge we pass through every morning to get to work.

Islands Brygge are all apartment complex.

Danish pastries, to die for.

On top of the Round Tower at Stroget, near Copenhagen Central.

Looks scarier in reality. Also at the Round Tower.

Found a hat/mask exhibit.

The rabbit-looking-thing is scary.

When my companion needed to pee badly, we got down at Valby St. and lo behold a shopping mall appeared! Not pictures here is a really nice watercolor pad, I found it in a store called Tiger. It has a lot of quirky stuff like huge playing cards, cheap clothes, art materials, etc..

There’s another quirky store called All Over the World. They sell gift items and craft materials.My mom would like it here.

Despite the harsh sun, it was 10 degrees outside. Hot chocolate is now my best friend. 🙂

Goodbye for now, I’ll blog again when I get back in Manila. I haven’t posted my Osaka travel yet! Busy busy busy itching to draw now. 🙂


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