Sweet Innocence

I had the pleasure of going up North this weekend. I went to visit my grandmother at Cardinal hospital after she had a surgery done and since Greenhills was just around the corner, the trip was inevitable. My mom and I loved it because there isn’t any massive tiangge (flea market) at the South or maybe there is but we never knew about it. I had been on a hunt for a necklace for quite some time now so that was the first thing I looked for. When going to tiangges, I make a mental shopping list because I don’t want to be browsing all the booths and wandering aimlessly. My stamina is very limited and my money even more so. 😦

I did find a nice and pretty necklace for only 200php! Now I just have to wear it to some fancy event or maybe to work, if I don’t go into default lazy-mode. I want another much simpler necklace, a gold long chain with a slim gold pendant. This is because I try to emulate my favorite bloggers and get pointers from them. I think my readers know who they are hahaha… I am beginning to sound creepy. Stop now.

Another purchase this weekend that I had been putting off for years now. Yes, I haven’t worn contacts for a year and now I miss it. My wallet, however, doesn’t and I had to wrestle with the good angel and bad angel on whether giving this a shot will be worth it. I could count the number of times I wear my contacts for a month and during weekends I am so lazy to put them on. I cry a little when I think of the money I wasted and let me tell you that my contact lenses are NOT cheap. My eyes have different grades so I need to get two packs each time.

This time I resolved to be more diligent in putting on contact lenses in the morning. I even bought these tear drops so my eyes can last the entire day without looking like some drug addict. Because of budget constraints, I tried out FreshLook colored contact lenses. They are also the only ones who have my grades available. I chose brown colored ones because my mom said she doesn’t want me to look too “different”. Hahaha! I switched from glasses to contacts on the mall. The color takes some getting used to since you might see a little blur from the color when you move your eyes. But the change isn’t such a big deal afterwards and I was able to enjoy the afternoon glasses-free! I still tried to push and adjust my invisible glasses up many times hahaha silly me!

Putting on contact lenses and wearing a beautiful necklace, I feel as if I’ve grown up over the weekend. πŸ™‚


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