My Dream – The Artist Studio

Something I’ve wished for a long time but there just isn’t enough room in the house to convert into my studio. I have a place to draw and paint but I cannot leave my stuff out for days because the tables are also used by others. I want a place where I can put everything that inspires me to create, has a good light source (super must!!!) and where I can leave my canvas, papers and whatnots without worrying that I have to keep them away.

I would like a medium sized studio, walls are painted white with a huge window for light source. I’d have a bunch of unfinished works laid out, but I don’t worry about finishing any of them because I’ll finish them when I feel like it. I’ll have an inspiration board where I pin paintings and drawings that I like and also have my “Things to do” list. Of course, my cat will have a corner to herself with a nice and fluffy bed. 🙂 Perhaps when I tire of my professional career in IT, I could become a full-time illustrator. Then it would be justified to make an artist studio.

I went browsing for artist studio ideas just because. I hope you find these pictures as inspiring as I do.

I love the huge windows, though it might be hot in my country. Still, the light makes you see so clearly!! I get to take many pictures too!

This is such a cool idea! It will definitely keep my brushes, pencils, colored pencils, etc organized.

This will make painting on an easel so much easier. I love portable furniture!

I want wider tables! I don’t really care much if they recline, have back light or some of the fancy drawing tables I’ve seen sold in National Bookstore. I just want more space to put my stuff. Right now I can only rest one arm on my mini-table. T___T And it’ll be cool if they are made from real wood.

Of course, it has to be organized else my mom will be burning the place down. I wouldn’t want any infestation to occur so yes, I will clean up. I am also the type to buy plastic containers to keep things from getting dusty and folders to file every single paper. OC much?

And I want the color to be white with touches of pink. Or maybe black and white. With a plate of macaroons beside me. AT ALL TIMES.

Hope you all have a happy Sunday! 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Dream – The Artist Studio

    1. Yeah one day we’ll have our dream artist studio! It was a lot of fun finding inspirations! 🙂

      Thank you for visiting! Hope you can follow my blog. 🙂

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