Nature’s First Green is Gold

Once again my photos did not see the light of day, literally, as I didn’t have the time to take pictures in the morning. I had to rush to the office every day so I regret not being able to see the beautiful sun rise and watch it fill my bedroom. I’ll try to get a decent picture this weekend – let’s cross our fingers that I wake early. 🙂

I bought a pot of gold hahaha! I’ve been meaning to buy gold poster paint to add to my paintings and finally had the guts to try it. I used to love silver, but now I love gold more! Now brainstorming on a fashion illustration with gold!

My friend has asked for this painting so I will give it to her when we meet up. I am glad that this painting, which I put a lot of hours in drawing and painting, would go to someone who would cherish it (she said she’ll even frame it! so flattered!).


3 thoughts on “Nature’s First Green is Gold

  1. Ayos to, ah. Gumagaling ka nang magblending 😛 Di ko alam kung talagang blurred yung pic or overly compressed or mabagal lang magload kaya pixellated 😦 Sayang di ko makita nang hi-res pero kita ko naman yung kabuuan kaya ok lang. Kakabukas ko lang ng WP di na ko na nagagalaw yun blog 😛

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