If I had a flower for every time I thought of you

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you….I could walk through my garden forever. ” – Alfred Tennyson

I made this painting for a cherished friend who will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow. I was quite nervous to give an actual painting to anyone since the original might not look as pretty as the one I upload in the Internet. It would also mean that people will look closely at my strokes, my colors, my proportions AHHHHHH… enough to spot my many many mistakes. >___< Apprehensive as I was, I decided to go for it and just give without judgement. After all she wouldn’t be much of a friend if she’d laugh at my work.

I put the painting in the gift bag beforehand, tucked away in a non-conspicuous looking folder (it was a folder from my HR days marked on the side with “Rejected CVs”). Naturally she spotted it and curiously took a peak…

I am so glad she liked it! And that the painting didn’t deteriorate when it left the house as it is the first time an original has been miles away from the confines of my desk. Paranoia, that’s me. Cheers my friend on your birthday!

And Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! 😀



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