Reminiscing about my childhood in this commission for Katha magazine. I used to play with a couple of them before being given a real doll. It was so much fun making my own paperdoll and then coming up with clothes for it to wear! The possibilities are endless for this girl on paper!

I brought out my Derwent Inktense Color Blocks again to use for this artwork. I love the color of Mary’s (oh yes, I named her) hair and was thinking about chopping off my hair for a shorter one. But maybe I’ll hold on to my long hair for a few more months. 🙂 Fitting the dress to the doll was a challenge but I learned that I can use my desktop lamp to check if the dress will fit Mary before cutting it! I also used Photoshop to bring everything together and put patterns on the clothes to make them even more attractive. So tired of using Pen tool ~~ I will go rest now.

Here is the complete set I submitted. I think Katha will change the background to suit their issue’s theme. 🙂




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