Big Leaps, Bigger Dreams


A couple of months ago I created fashion illustrations for Katha magazine with the theme Big Leaps. This year’s first issue celebrates fresh starts, new challenges and taking that big leap to reach your dream. Quite ironic that this is the theme right? I was excited to start since it’s a chance for my work to be featured and it’s about fashion! I was asked to list fashion trends that would be prominent in 2014. Because I am no fashion expert, I did a lot of research and read through plenty of fashion blogs. These trends are super easy to incorporate in your everyday look!



I hope that you like these works of mine. My drawing style is quite different now which is just proof that time changes everything. Practice and practice so that we will continue improving! I hope that there would be more opportunities like these. Sharing my works on publications is one of my dream! Thank you Katha for giving this shot to me! 🙂

Download a copy of Katha magazine’s issue 3 now!

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