Incandescent Dreams

Your vision becomes clear when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. ― Carl Jung

I wanted to go for softer colors and expression so opted not to ink with black this time. I got used to outlining my work that I feel it’s a bit incomplete but I like the colors and the way it feels ‘airy’ or ‘cloudy’. Wet on wet technique is so much fun, how I wish this paper absorbs more water and remains wet a little longer. Here’s the WIP photo.

After debating whether I should buy a small clear book and compile my original works, I finally gave in and started organizing my paintings. Nobody looks at my drawings at home so I’ve been hesitating to fix them into something worth showing off (but who to show off to? -____-) . Anyway when I am long gone in this world, I hope my family would look at my album and remember me. And keeping them organized would lessen the risk of my mom finding and throwing them out. Hahaha!

I have a cool stamp with my chinese name engraved on it which I bought in HongKong many years ago. I decided to mark my works since I’ve already scanned them and my handwriting and signature is quite awful in my opinion. Speaking of HongKong, I’ll be taking a short vacation to HK with my family on the 30th up to the 1st of January. I’m excited to be in a different country after so long! 😀

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