A girl dreams in color, sound and scent

Pencil + Photoshop

We celebrated two birthdays and an advanced Christmas lunch with family today. We ate at Passions chinese restaurant at Resorts World. I was happy to meet my relatives again, especially the cute little birthday girl that tagged along. Unfortunately I didn’t get to eat much of their delicious food. For the past weeks I have allergies in both my hands, neck and head. We suspect it’s triggered by food but we don’t know what yet. Right now I am refraining from eating chicken, seafood, chocolate, cream, milk and coffee. I don’t know how I will survive the next days (especially without my cup of morning coffee). 😦

Anyways, I managed to buy this sketchbook in Resorts World bazaar at 300Php. As you can see the paper quality is not bad for pencil work. I am not sure it is up for watercolor though as the paper does not look that absorbent. I’ll go try it out soon.

I hope my allergies go away soon especially with Christmas approaching, I want to enjoy my food!!! 

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