Dancing with Flowers

Let us dance with the wind, with flowers in our hair.

I feel like dancing for the past few days, maybe because Christmas is fast approaching, or my project is about to be released to production, or my anticipation of the upcoming holiday vacation. Most likely all of the above.

I haven’t been active lately because there are just so many many things to do this month. I still make it a point to draw and paint whenever possible, even late at night. My eyes are super dry now but I very well couldn’t rest without accomplishing anything. Has drawing become an obsession? No, it’s just fun and relaxing! πŸ™‚

Short after-drawing-analysis: The girl’s dancing pose is cute (loved the boots) but I kinda ruined it by adding the blah background. Regrets, regrets. I hope to get more drawings done when I finally go on vacation (just 2 weeks to go!) but relaxing and being with my family is top priority.

Have a relaxing evening/happy day! πŸ˜€

P.S I have an on-going giveaway that you may want to join! Deadline is on 12/20! It’s a small thank you for all your constant support.


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