Holiday Sparkle by Swarovski


06-12-2013 10-14-59

06-12-2013 10-24-30

I remember the first time I received a Swarovski pendant (it was a rabbit) from my uncle. I loved it so much and wanted to wear it everyday but it was too eye-catching to be worn with my school uniform. I would gaze at it and admire the gentle shine of the crystal. I felt so grown up when I wear it and people would ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaahhh’ when they see my necklace. As the years go by, I got another Swarovski bracelet as a gift and I bought my mom and myself a matching pair of bracelets during a holiday trip. My uncle has a collection of Swarovski figurines that started back in the 90s. Once a month he would bring them all out form the huge display cabinet then wash and polish them. He would throw a fit when something gets broken (the figurines are super duper tiny) and we would constantly tease him what would happen to his beloved collection when an earthquake occurs. For many Christmas, we had given my uncle Swarovski figurines to add to his collection. Maybe I’d get to inherit that collection one day hahaha.

This Christmas, Swarovski is having a giveaway entitled 12 Moments to Giveaway Pinterest Sweepstakes and you can enter for a chance to win a set of Crystalline Toasting Flutes! They would certainly be a delight to use during an intimate Christmas dinner or a toast during the New Year! 😀

It is very easy to join, all you gotta do is select an item for a sparkling holiday wish list using their application in Facebook and just enter your email address to pin your wish list in Pinterest! I also joined the giveaway!


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