Sweet and Sultry

Have you thought of what to wear for your office Christmas party?

I enjoyed drawing the lace on Ms Sultry’s top – isn’t a lace top divine? And then pair it with a sequined skirt (which is not shown above) I got the inspiration from the blog Extra Petite because the blogger Jean is the epitome of sophistication. I love her style! Super classy! And she has coats that are just to die for~

Now if you what to go for something girly and fun, you can try Ms Sweet’s look. I’ve been wanting to go into sweater-mode these days but alas our weather is still too hot even during December. And if you get stuck waiting in line in the terminal you would surely suffer from heat stroke (not to mention body odor) because of wearing thick clothes. The ideal look is to wear a light top and just carry a jacket so that you can put it on and take it off  at your convenience.

I opted for a simple black and white drawing, but would want to colorful them one day. If you wish to color my illustrations, please go ahead – I’ve liked to see the outcome! 😀

I have an on-going giveaway that you may (should) join. I’m giving away holiday accessories. Cheers! 😀


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