My family surprised me with a gorgeous Baby-G watch last night for my birthday gift. It came with a cute compact mirror too. My ama (grandmother) picked the color and it is perfect for me! The bronze/gold shade makes it easy to pair with any outfit. Right now, I am trying to invest on items that are more versatile because we really want to spend our hard-earned money wisely. I can imagine wearing this Baby-G for years and years and it will still look timeless. 🙂 Now, if only I could transform into one of the Girl’s Generation when I wear this watch (perfect skin + body). Nyahahahaha~ 😀

Check out their Casio ads – gorgeous, fun and makes you want to buy all the watches! This is really good advertising – or am I bias because I’m a SNSD fan? 🙂 Tempted to imitate this advertisement for a selfie but I know it’ll turn out weird. 😀

Watches are a must in my life (I even sleep wearing one!). They make any look more polished and complete. Not to mention they help you become more time conscious and prevent you from being late on your appointments and meetings. It would be totally worth it to invest on a beautiful time piece and Casio is one of my favorite watch brands because their watches really last for a long time.

Casio watches are sold in Time Depot, which is found in the malls. Psst, it would also be a great idea for a Christmas gift. 🙂

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