November Blooming

I am fond of Novembers because firstly Christmas is only a month away (vacations! gifts! family time! food! and many many more reasons to make me happy!). Secondly, November is also my birth month and even though I add another number to my years it is still something to be grateful about. Usually I get a bit melancholy when my birthday is drawing near. I tend to reflect on what I have done and accomplished so far in life, which leads me to be frustrated and depressed. Thankfully, I have a strong and stable support system that reminds me (yearly) that I am doing okay. And truth be told and selfishness aside, there is a lot to be thankful for.

Also, during November I am busiest at work. Clients are spending what is left of their yearly budget so we get a lot of work pushed towards us, sometimes even more than what we can accommodate. But that is not an excuse to lessen my creative outputs! I am trying to give original ideas a chance to come to life after doing fashionary works for most of the year. I would like to make a series of paintings with original characters to practice consistency and storytelling. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

My other original works are Pajamas and Coffee and Scarf and Coffee. Check it out too!

Our country now is quite in chaos as the super typhoon has hit the southern islands. I hope people are safe and the casualties are minimal. Please pray for the Philippines!


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