Scarf and Coffee

I enjoyed painting this tiny cartoonish girl holding a mug of coffee, perhaps in my head the pajama boy needs company. My brother and I love taking coffees in the mornings. We would share a cup and complain how it taste depending on who makes it (I like mine sweet and creamy, he prefers more bitter). People would ask “Why share?” and the answer is because it feels nice to share a cup of warm drink. Regardless of how it taste.

Since the holiday months has started in the Philippines (we love starting Christmas season early), it’s time for warm drinks ( hello Starbucks planner!), layering clothes, preparing the Christmas tree and scouting the shops for gifts to give. Maybe I can make some yuletide cards?

But how do I print them? Does anyone know where you can have your own design printed on envelopes, stationary and notebooks (hopefully they don’t cost a fortune)?

Here’s the drawing in full:

I hope you like this illustration of mine (finally an original!) and let me know your thoughts through the comments below. 🙂

P.S. Don’t worry I will still draw fashion related stuff, maybe in this style as well?

P.S.S. The holiday Starbucks planner – too extravagant to need, but too pretty not to want (shucks they have violet????). Does only the Philippines have this planner during Christmas?

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