Kate Spade Contest – Things I Love

Kate Spade is having a contest entitled Things I Love and I decided to give it a try. I have never made mood boards but I know that you basically grab a bunch of pictures that inspires you at the moment and compile them. It can be anything from quotes, items, colors, nature, scribbles, drawings, etc… The reason I joined the contest is because of the theme, “Things I Love”. There are so many things that I love and getting myself to put them all together sounds fun! It also made me even more thankful for the things that I cherish the most!

When I showed the mood board to my brother his initial comment was that it looks too organized. Well, I didn’t really want my board to look cluttered and messy hehehe. I don’t know if being OC will help my chances of winning or not, the most important thing is that I was able to express what I love. In case anyone is wondering why I didn’t include my family, friends, it was because I also wanted it to look kind of like a magazine layout so I picked colors and “mood” that I wanted to convey in this picture. Artsy-romantic type anyone?

You can still enter the contest as the deadline is on November 1! (Open to Philippine residents only) Check out their Facebook page for the details.

Edit: I was chosen for the top 20 mood boards! The other entries are so interesting and unique, makes me feel a little shy with mine. 🙂


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