Ophelia in Watercolor

I’m a fan of zemotion ever since I found her photographs in Deviantart, many years ago when I too went into deviant-mode. There isn’t anything more thrilling than finding something that -zap!- instantly inspires you to create. When I saw her photo of Ophelia II, I found myself just staring at it, the beauty and paleness of the model Selia. I knew I had to take a chance to paint it. Please click on the image to direct yourself to the bigger version, uploaded on my facebook page (go ahead and like the page too!). ^___^

If you follow my instagram (@phoenixcarla), you have seen the work in progress snaps, but for those who haven’t I posted them here:

I enjoyed painting this very much. I was half scared to screw up, half excited to complete it. I love painting the hair, though it was very difficult to paint strand by strand with my thinnest brush. I hope that I did the original justice in this work. 🙂

Comments are very much welcome. Happy Sunday everyone!

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