Brown Eyes Makeup Tutorial

My mini project is still in progress that’s why I haven’t posted anything of the usual for a while. But I wanted to share with you this cute eye makeup tutorial care of Tricia Gosingtian – who by the way just released her very own style book – isn’t that cool? Now she’s in Japan for the EMODA touchMe fashion show – no I am not stalking her; just following her every move. Hahaha! I am kidding on the stalking part – just a regular fan people! 🙂

I finally decided to purchase a brown eyeliner brush pen from Etude House and learn how to apply it without looking like a total idiot. I didn’t go for the black because I find it too harsh especially since I like putting on make-up only during daytime. I also like brown eyeshadow since it is a neutral and subdue color. Anyways, I researched on eye makeup tutorials using brown eyeliner and again found myself circling back to Tricia’s blog. Feeling inspired, I made a drawing out of her tutorial. If you can’t get past the wonky eyebrows please go to this post in order to get the details on the step by step process for the make-up tutorial. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot like I did! 🙂

For the eyeshadow, she used the Shu Uemura orange and pistachio palette, which I also drew below. Adding this to my ever growing birthday list (it’s only 1 month to go)! When will I own one Shu Uemura makeup? *sigh*

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