September favorites: Jackets and F21

Forever 21 dress shirt and faux leather skirt

Hello again! Just want to blog about these sweet items for September to lessen my guilt in buying more clothes than I would ever need. >___< I know that I keep posting my drawing of clothes and paintings of whatnots, this post is a breather of some sort. I just want to share with you other aspects of my girl-meets-fashion-meets-arts world.

I wrote about why I shopped at F21 and bought the two items pictured above in this post. I already wore the leather skirt to work and got a number of compliments. They said it made my legs look so white. Hahaha!

Bershka jacket – Love the neutral color and the polko dot lining. Is there any other Bershka aside from SM aura? 🙂

Don’t you just love the polka dots on the jacket lining? And I was hunting for a neutral colored jacket that wasn’t black and ta-da – found this treasure on Bershka. The price isn’t so bad too. 🙂

I had been abstaining from Esprit for the longest time. Everytime I enter their shop I end up buying something that is beyond expensive (but still very nice). One day, I was possessed to enter their shop on account of the huge SALE plastered on their window display. I found the jacket below on the sale rack, last size, last piece. I was sold. I love the stripes and the color blue (I don’t have a blue jacket yet). I’ll be wearing this for a long time to get my money’s worth!

Esprit sailor jacket. This is a major buy, even if it was on sale the jacket is expensive!!! But ain’t it cute? 🙂
Ta-da! The yellow dress that was given to me by the owner of TT workshop!

I wrote a number of posts about this dress and here’s a picture of me wearing it (I haven’t got the time to adjust it, good thing I have a pretty brown belt.) What do you think? 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these kinds of post – or should I just stick to posting my drawings?


I love to hear your thoughts

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