La Gioconda

The Gioconda Project is, a non-profit artistic experiment with a creative international flare, showcasing high quality artwork from artists known or anonymous from all over the globe, with the attempt to bring Contemporary Art to everyone through one of the most famous works of art in history “La Gioconda”.

I just submitted this painting to the Gioconda project today. I had been caught up with work so just had the time to look at the painting and think about what to do. At first I didn’t do any background like most of my works, but then I thought it kind of looks incomplete so…I just took the plunged. What do you think of the flowers?

I would practice more regarding backgrounds (and everything else) but I hope the people behind the project would still post my work on their site (Oh please!). If not, well then I am sharing it here and the world to see hahaha! 🙂

You should go over their site and check out the awesome works by artists all over the world. So much talent!

Edited: My painting has been published!!! So happy! 🙂

I love to hear your thoughts

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