LeBunny Bleu

I’m pretty happy with the way this work week ended so I hope this happiness continues all the way to the weekend (and the rest of the year, but that’s pushing my luck). Anyways I went browsing online shops again and spotted this cutie shoe shop (just when I’m abstaining from shopping) called LeBunny Bleu.

I super liked the pastel and dainty designs! The oxford shoes are so pretty, you’d want to wear them every time. And since these are flats, it means you totally can! I love shoes that are classic and versatile!

To further my lust for these shoes, one of my favorite fashion blogger is a big fan of this brand. Check out Tricia’s outfit post here. Don’t you just love her outfit?

Aaaaaaand if you still aren’t convinced about having these shoes, LeBunny Bleu is having a store-wide sale! So hop (haha) right over to their Facebook page to know more about it.

That’s it for now. Happy weekend people! 🙂

My drawings on LeBunny Bleu’s timeline:

16-09-2013 12-39-18

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