Sweet Stuff

So why the cookie instead of fashion tonight?

I learned how to bake months ago and have posted a few of my finished and editable goodies here. I wanted to try selling my baked products for a while now but haven’t had the opportunity nor the courage to do so. However, this coming Sunday my family and I will be participating in a small bazaar in the neighborhood and when my mom asked me what I wanted to sell, my immediate answer is “Cookies!” (I would have wanted to sell my drawings but it’s not yet the time, another way of saying it’s not good enough yet harhar)

People love sweet stuff and who couldn’t resist a classic chocolate chip cookie? Or a peanut butter chocolate cookie? This weekend will be quite a challenge to our little household as we will all be busy making stuff to sell on Sunday. I sense a lot of tempers and spatulas flying tomorrow…

I probably won’t have time to sit down and hold my brush. But perhaps people will be interested in what happened to the bazaar?

Aside from clothes and shoes, I also love cupcakes (the cuter the presentation the better!), cookies, ice cream, milk teas and chocolate! If I can’t draw fashion, I’d probably go for drawing food. And eating, eating, eating.



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