Color Me Violet

My mom goes through a color phase. There was one time she had the red craze and bought several bags in red, phone cases in red, shirts in red, shoes in red, etc… After a few months, this color obsession dies down when she discover another passionate color. Right now, she is into violet. She considers it a lucky color and has now owned numerous violet-themed accessories and apparel. I happen to like violet too, but not to the extent of having all my stuff in the same color. If people ask me what my favorite color is, the answer is…I couldn’t decide. I like random things and anything that hits my mood is my favorite. There are days when violet is my favorite, there are days when pink or red are most appealing. I like mint, peach and rose colors too.

This is a random drawing that I came up with while having store duty one afternoon. When a customer comes up to purchase, I had to say, “Wait first.” because the watercolor is drying so fast. Again, my drawing and painting could use some work.

I used Prang watercolor in the painting above and I have yet to make a proper review of it. Would anybody be interested in a review?

6 thoughts on “Color Me Violet

  1. Gusto ko ang blending ng violet mo at yung accent colors na orange, yellow at green pero di ko masyadong feel yung light blue. Maganda sana kung yung accent colors nagdo-draw ng atensyon sa mukha ng girl maybe dun sa cat hairclip o mga mata? I dunno, parang mas napapansin ko lang kasi ang fishes at yung triangular spikes (ano ba yung mga yun? Hehe) Overall, nice illustration of lady gaga jowk! 🙂

      1. Hmm isa pa lang yung reply mo sa comment na to, baka hindi napost yung isa mong comment? Tsaka laging awaiting moderation na yung comments dito sa blog mo…

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