Brown Girl

I couldn’t come up with a more creative title than this…and well, the portrait is colored primarily with brown and different tones of it, so there. The drawing needs a lot of work; I had initially discarded the sketch since I found too many mistakes but decided to use it for watercolor practice. Surprisingly, I liked the way it turned out. Heehee. 😀

Her very sorrowful eyes deserves a close-up (still need practice on alignment):

I hope you like this painting of mine. It’s another new “style” of drawing and painting, which I quite like doing. I still find it hard to watercolor since the water usually have another plans when I attempt to control it. Such a control freak.

And I finally drew something that isn’t a blogger, a model or any person that exists in the real world – that’s an improvement!


4 thoughts on “Brown Girl

  1. i see. i like my drawing, it’s….uniquely attractive. We’ll see if I can come up with other hair styles and expressions.

    Yan uso sa fashion yung emotionless face. hahaha!

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