Work It

I’ve decided to draw my friends for a change. They have been super supportive of my drawings and I am so thankful to have them. Having great friends makes Monday to Friday work week so much bearable and fun!

The idea here is aside from playing dress up in paper, I wanted to also reflect their personal style. So I refrained from giving them something they wouldn’t want to wear. Still, I insisted on some elements (like Ema wearing heels) because I wanted something a little more glam than what we would normally wear. I, myself, wouldn’t wear anything with animal prints but for the sake of the drawing I added some prints on the shoes to have a little contrast. I was the only one wearing pants at first then erased Ema’s first drawing (now you know who I had the most difficult time with hehehe) and made her wear pants. I think it came out pretty well.

Here’s to hoping I can do more illustrations like this in the future. It is very exhausting (like 4-5 hours straight drawing and coloring); my hand hurts now so I better rest.

A few close-ups:

I could not believe that I was able to make such a nice pattern using Letraset promarkers. Sweet and subtle. 🙂

Photoshop can make you an instant make-up artist. Nice blush and lip color. 😀

I love to hear your thoughts

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