I’ve been looking for inspiration for my works recently and stumbled upon the blog of Kiki the Imaginist. I fell in love with her simple and minimalist style. When I showed the blog to my friends, the first thing they said was, “Parang ikaw yan!!! Ikaw ata yan!” (She looks like you! It must be you!)

No I am definitely not Kiki (but you wouldn’t know because Kiki never shows her face in any of her shots – such mysterious appeal!) but her outfit is something I can relate to. I love the shorts/skirt + shirt combo! And I love dresses without any confusing prints and designs. I love stripes! Could Kiki be my twin from another life time? 🙂

I would say she is an artist more than a fashion blogger, as her photos are refreshingly creative and entertaining. Aside from her blog, you can also catch her on Instagram (@bykikili).

The outfit reference for the drawing can be found here.

Edit: My artwork was mentioned by Kiki in this post. And yes I was called Clara which is quite normal for me. 🙂


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