Cat Love

I don’t know where my cat-works inspirations came from but this weekend, all my works were centered around fashionably cute girls loving their cats. Thank you for those who liked my works so far. Good to know that the things I try to convey in my illustrations are thought of as cute and pretty. My readers are so kind! 🙂

My mom and I went to check out the Supersale Bazaar at the World Trade Center and she bought me 2 skater skirts worth only 400php!!! Teehee ❤ I like bazaars that are air-conditioned so this one was quite enjoyable. I wanted to buy cool-looking shades for 100php but I rarely use shades (forever the four-eyed geek). I also saw Crowned Velvet but I didn’t see any cat-themed iPhone 4 cases. 😦 I’m excited to wear my skirts next week and continue my drawing of girls with skirts (wow, excited for Monday huh? The world is ending!).

Now if only I have the courage (and predisposition) to wear the clothing I draw!

As bonus, here’s the picture of my love looking oh-so-tamed-and-lovable! 🙂

Once again, outfit is inspired by mellowmayo. If you are into cutesy, Korean fashion, follow her blog and instagram (@mellowmayo).


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