Cat Lady

I’m sure anyone who has a cat wished to walk their adorable feline friends. My cat, Kiza, is so cute that I want to strap a leash around her neck and parade her outside the house. But of course this is just my wishful thinking. If my Kiza knew about this ambition of mine, she’d be sure to shred me.

I have only seen a cat being walked once – that was really bizarre! Cats prefer to be left alone unless they approached you first then that means they want all your attention. I’m not used to drawing cats, does my drawing look like one? I hope you get the idea! ^___^

As promised, the outfit was inspired by mellowmayo‘s style – so kawaii! I have another illustration coming up, totally inspired by her clothes. You can also follow her at instagram (@mellowmayo).

You can also follow me at instagram (@phoenixcarla) which has become a digital shrine for my cat, Kiza. 😀


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