Tricia Gosingtian is another fashion blogger I admire. I love her posts on Japanese fashion and her trips to Japan (as it is my all-time dream to go there). Among the local fashion blogger, her style is closest to my personal style (wow lakas makacompare!). Love the flirty skirts, colorful shorts and cutesy shirts, even though sometimes I feel like I’m trying hard to look like a teenager. *sigh*

Tricia is transitioning to a more mature look lately and I am definitely looking forward to her blog posts for fashion inspiration. Go Tricia!!! I hope that I did her justice in my drawing. Made a lot of attempts to draw her but I always blotched my work in the last minute. Such a waste! 😦

I like how this one turned out and by reading her blog, I found out that EMODA is on sale! So off I go to browse their online store. Happy weekend folks!

My drawing reference can be found here.

Close-ups of the drawing:

I really love Tricia’s hair style and color. This is a nice length and makes her appear more youthful. πŸ™‚

I added the flower pattern on the shorts using Photoshop. I took more time in post-processing this drawing than all my other works. Whew!Β  πŸ™‚

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